Musical Instrument Make-Over: Saxophone

As promised in our last blog are dedicating this weeks blog to the saxophone.  If you follow us regularly you know that we partner with an amazing Kansas City non-profit called Band of Angels who provides instruments to kids in need as well as sending kids in need to music camp.  If Hang Ups or Band of Angels are new to you – WELCOME!  You can find our Band of Angels retired instrument jewelry collection by clicking here and learn about Band of Angels mission by clicking here.

Saxophone keys are gorgeous, unique, and fun to work with.  These are just a few of our saxophone creations that are available on our website:

Want to learn more about the saxophone?  Click on this link to read 10 Facts About Saxophones and Its Players by Maggie Belnap in The Oxford University Press.

The 2017 special guest artist at the Band of Angels Heartstrings Gala was saxophonist Ryan Kilgore.  Ryan has spent the past ten years touring with Stevie Wonder as well as working on independent projects.  You can learn a little more about him by watching this You Tube Video.  Ryan was very generous with his time while in Kansas City.  He visited six schools in two days inspiring kids with his message that “every person has a passion, every passion has a purpose and every purpose has a person”.   Here’s a picture of us with him showing off his brand new Hang Ups saxophone key cuff links.

Have a great week!  Stay tuned for our next Instrument Make-Over featuring the drums!



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