Musical Instrument Make-Over: Strings Instruments

We’ve had so much fun showing you how instruments that cannot be played anymore can continue to give back to kids in need.  This week we’re going to cover several instruments in the strings family; upright bass, cello, viola and violin.  These instruments have been donated to Band of Angels and after careful inspection, by the team at Meyer Music, deemed unplayable.  We make jewelry out of them and give a generous portion of the sales from our Band of Angels Collection directly back to Band of Angels so that kids in need will have the opportunity to attend music camp.  Thanks to you we have been able to give several thousands of dollars to Band of Angels since the beginning of our partnership.

Strings instruments have so many interesting parts to make jewelry from like strings, wood and tuning pegs.  Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes of us creating new pieces of jewelry.


This is what happens when you have the right tools, a good imagination and use lots of elbow grease:


From top left the bottom right these pieces are jewelry are as follows: upright bass scroll necklace, viola bridge necklace, violin/viola string earrings, violin fingerboard bracelet, cello tuning peg necklace, violin wood necklace, violin/ viola tuning peg earrings, upright bass fingerboard cuff links, and last but not least a violin/ viola string bracelet. All of these pieces can be found on our website in our Band of Angels Collection.

We are fortunate that we don’t need to go far to see our favorite strings players.  Kristi’s husband Matt plays Upright Bass and the fiddle in a Bluegrass Band.  Her daughter Amy is a gifted violinist and is a member of the Kansas City Youth Orchestra.  Carolyn’s son, Charlie, is a violist and earned a spot in the Kansas City All District Orchestra this year.

Thanks for following this series.  Have a great week!

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