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DIY Bracelet Fun

Are you looking for an art project to do with your kids or yourself? You can make a bracelet from just about anything you have lying around. It's fun to mix up colors, materials, and textures.   Step 1:  Gather your supplies. Here's what you need to make a button and bead bracelet:  

  • buttons & beads

  • beading wire, beading string, string or waxed linen

  • Crazy Glue, Super Glue or jewelry glue

  • Scissors

Step 2:Cut a piece of your string of choice to about 1.25 feet long. Why so long? When you are knotting string it takes much more than the circumference of your wrist. Choose a pretty button that will act as your bracelet closure. Run your string through it.

Step 3:Tie a knot near the button.

Step 4:You may want to double knot the string before you cut off the short end.

Step 5:You are ready to start adding beads and buttons!  After each addition tie a knot. We left a little space to allow them to float. If you'd rather knot the beads closely together that will also turn out pretty.

Step 6:Once you can wrap the bracelet around your wrist you are ready to finish it off by making a loop.  Make sure that your loop is big enough to fit snugly around your closure button.  If you make the loop too big it will slip off.

Step 7:Double knot the loop for security and then cut off the tail.

Step 8:Super Glue the knot by your closure button and the knot by your closure loop. Let the Super Glue dry. It's a well known fact that Super Glue sticks best to skin so make sure it's dry before you put the bracelet on!

Step 9: Show off your pretty bracelet! Repeat to make stacked bracelets. Another option is to cut your string longer to make a wrap bracelet that goes around your wrist two or three times.

We'd love to see your creations! You can share them with us at

If you have an idea for a DIY jewelry project that you'd like us to feature let us know!

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