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Make Your Retired Musical Instrument Jewelry Shine Longer (Cleaning Tips)

Tips and product recommendations that will keep your beautiful retired instrument jewelry shiny for years to come.

Keeping your retired instrument jewelry clean is a little different than shining traditional jewelry. Over the years we've tested several different products and now we're sharing our favorites with you. All products that we use are inexpensive and available in most grocery stores and hardware stores.

How to Clean Silver Toned Instrument Parts

The best and safest way to clean your silver instrument jewelry is with a good silver polish like Weimans Silver Polish. A jewelry cleaning cloth would also work. If your jewelry features an instrument key with padding in the back you should avoid jewelry cleaning dips.

How to Clean Brass Instrument Parts

Brass instruments clean up beautifully with Brasso. Wipe your piece of brass with a soft cloth and some Brasso and it will shine brightly. If you are polishing a valve cap or finger button, a Q-tip works nicely to get into corners and grooves. Wash the instrument piece off with soap and water if you see residue left behind when you are done.

How to Clean Drum Cymbal

Pieces of drum cymbal tend to get dull and dirty a little more quickly than the smooth surfaces of brass. Cleaning them up with Brasso and then wiping them with some Goo Gone will make them shine brightly in less than a minute.

We hope these tips and tricks for keeping your retired instrument jewelry fresh and shiny have been helpful. To see our full collection of handmade instrument jewelry please visit us at


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