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We Have A New & Improved Website Music Jewelry Sale Today Only!

We've been working hard over the past several weeks to make two significant changes to our website.

Instrument Search Experience

We understand that the vast majority of our customers are searching for a specific instrument so we have made the selection experience of the instrument that you are looking for faster and easier.

Previous Search Process: You had to select Collections from the top menu then Instrument Collection from the drop down menu. Then narrow your search down to what instrument you liked. It was a 3 click process.

New Search Process: Our jewelry is now sorted by instrument right on the Home Page! Just scroll down and select what instrument you are looking for.

* If you are looking for a specific category of jewelry type (ie necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc) you can still do this easily via the Jewelry & Gifts tab at the top of our home page. Testimonials We are thrilled to have added a testimonial section to our website! We would love to hear your thoughts and experience with our jewelry. Your testimonial could inspire other music enthusiasts to join our community. Testimonials are the lifeblood of small businesses like ours. If you would like to leave a testimonial for us on our site you can complete it here. We appreciate you! Our Celebration Gift to You - Music Jewelry Sale Visit our website and place an order today (August 29th, 2023) before midnight to receive 25% off your ENTIRE order! Use the coupon code HUShop23 at checkout.


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