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What do you see when you look at the photo above? A pile of instruments? Well, we see possibilities! New necklaces, earrings, cuff links, and more. As we look forward to this new decade here are a few things we are excited about!

  • We will be showcasing our Instrument Jewelry Collection at MMEA (Missouri Music Educators Assoctation) Conference, OMEA (Ohio Music Educators Association) Conference and KMEA (Kansas Music Educators Association) Conference this year. We love being a part of MMEA and KMEA, and this year we are excited to be adding OMEA to our list of events. If you will be attending any of these events we hope you will stop by our booth in the exhibit hall!

  • Working in our new spaces! Last year we both moved to new homes. Setting up a new work area is both overwhelming and exciting at the same time. We both need to get things organized so we have what we need ready to go and other items stored away. Organization is key when you have trumpets, flutes, clarinets, typewriters and more to keep track of.

  • Our New Website! If you haven't checked in out yet, then please visit our new website. We were so thrilled to work with Ashley at Logodentity. We both know just enough to get into trouble trying to set up a website on our own, so it was great to work with Ashley and watch as she was able to make our vision a reality.

  • Doing what we love and helping others at the same time. We are so fortunate to partner with two great organizations, Band of Angels, and Literacy KC. It is truly a blessing that with each sale from these collections we are able to support their programs. We look forward to watching them grow in 2020.

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