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Teacher Gift Guide

This week is teacher appreciation week! Whether you are looking to show your appreciation this week or at the end of the school year we've got some really cool ideas to share with you.

  • We All Grow At Different Rates T-Shirt - we love the positive message that this shirt sends. You can find this shirt and other teacher shirts in Purple Rush Clothing's Etsy store.

  • Tiny Human Tamer Teacher Tumbler - this is a great gift for pre-school and Kindergarten teachers. You can find this fun tumbler in the Avito Products Etsy Store

  • Face Stamp - this may be the most unique gift we've seen! Check out Riley Print's Etsy shop to see how you can have a stamp made with your teacher's face on it!

  • Thank You For Helping Me Grow Succulent Planter - this small planter would be the perfect addition to any classroom. As a bonus your child could help you plant the succulent, adding a personal touch. You can find this adorable planter in Soul Seventeen's Etsy shop.

  • Music Teacher Jewelry - we have a wide variety of instruments so chances are that we have something made from your music teachers main instrument! Hang Ups jewelry (made from retired instruments) is the gift that gives back - 30% of every sale goes to our non-profit partner, Band of Angels, who give the gift of music to kids in need.

  • School Supply Tote - we love this DIY idea from the Positively Splendid blog by Amy Bell. You could also include things like tea, coffee, gum, a gift card or lottery ticket.

  • Magnetic Clothespins - this is an easy and fun activity from that your child can feel good about doing on their own. There are so many ways teachers can use clothespins in the classroom. This gift is beautiful, personal and practical!

  • Caramel Apple in a Jar - another charming homemade project from What teacher wouldn't love this delicious gift?

  • Wonder Cuff Bracelet - for the elementary school teacher who reads the book Wonder to her class every year and loves it more every time. This bracelet is from our Literacy Jewelry Collection. A percentage of each sale goes to our non-profit partner, Literacy KC.


We appreciate teachers so much. They nurture, spark interest and help guide our adorable tiny humans into full-grown wonderful humans. They show compassion and empathy during the bumps in the road and tough love when it's needed. It's a difficult job and only the most special people are up to it. We love that there is an entire week dedicated to thanking them. Did you know that several businesses also offer teachers discounts this week? Check out this USA Today list to see some of them.

We hope that the sun is shining, flowers are blooming and leaves are popping out where you are. Enjoy the magic of Spring!

Shine On,

Kristi and Carolyn

PS. If you are looking for gifts for your grad how about checking out our blog post from last May?

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