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What's Next?

This is a common question for small businesses today. What now? Almost all of our maker friends are asking the same question. Most shows have have been cancelled, which is the largest source of income for most makers. For Hang Ups, all of the shows that we normally participate in have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus, including The Pilgrimage Festival and the Music Educator Conferences. We were so excited to be joining the Iowa Music Educators Conference for the very first time this year. Look for us in Iowa, Ohio, Missouri and Kansas in 2021/2022.

So what's next? We're not going anywhere. We have a fully loaded website where you can find us! Looking for something specific that you don't see on our website? Email us at We LOVE working on custom orders. See the photos above for a few examples. Are you looking for a piece of jewelry with parts from multiple instruments? We can do that! Just let us know which instruments and what style you love and we'll get to work. We do not charge extra for custom orders.

Life is a little different (and difficult) right now. The best thing that we can do is to continue moving forward. We can all help small businesses by shopping their online stores as much as possible during the upcoming holiday season. Share products that we love on social media. Recommend cool products to friends. Shop less on Amazon and more with local businesses.

We are crossing our fingers that we will see you all in person next year. You can keep an eye on our show schedule by checking the Upcoming Events section on our website.

Fall is on its way! As kids head back to school, we want to send some love out to all the teachers and school staff who are working so hard to make it safe for our kids to return. We know that you are stressed and worried and we want you to know that we appreciate everything you do. An extra shout-out to the music teachers who are trying to figure out how to teach music in this new reality we live in. How on earth do you make music without projecting germs? Some of you are managing it by teaching smaller classes, playing outside and teaching remotely. We admire and appreciate your creativity - the arts are so important. Our kids depend on them. Thank you!

Here's to hoping that you are all staying safe and healthy. We'll get through this together.

Shine On,

Kristi and Carolyn

PS. Have you heard of Nandi Bushell yet? Treat yourself and take time to watch some videos of the 10 year old phenom drummer on YouTube. Our favorite is her cover of Everlong by the Foo Fighters. Here is Dave Grohl's response to Nandi's challenge.

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