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This Euphonium Necklace is a unique piece of jewelry that harmonizes style with sustainability. Created from a reclaimed euphonium tuning slide, this necklace tells a unique musical story, resonating with creativity of its former life. 


Necklace Details

The recycled tuning slide measures approximately 2.5 inches across by 1.25 inches high. It hangs from  an 18 inch antique brass necklace. If you would like a longer necklace please message me at the time of purchase. Our instrument parts led exciting and productive lives before retirement and their imperfections tell a soulful story of their past and add to their beauty. The euphonium has a definitely patina that adds so much character.

Euphonium Tuning Slide Necklace

SKU: 240502-BOA
  • We donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale to Band of Angels. Band of Angels is a non-profit program designed to collect used instruments, repair them and give them to kids in need so that they can participate in orchestra and band programs. The instruments that cannot be fixed find new life and continue to give back in our jewelry.

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