Enjoy this necklace as your daily reminder to live green! When clarinets retire they typically go to the landfill. We keep the earth a little healthier by giving old instruments new life in our jewelry. Just to make you feel even better about this necklace - 30% of the sale goes directly to Band of Angels who give kids in need the gift of music. So much goodness in one fabulous little necklace.


Product Details

This necklace features a key from a retired clarinet with a pretty navy blue bead cluster hanging from it. The key measures approximately .5 of an inch across by 1 inch high and hangs from a 30 inch sterling silver plated necklace. 

Long Clarinet Key Necklace with Navy Blue Bead Cluster

SKU: 200250-BOA
  • We donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale to Band of Angels. Band of Angels is a non-profit program designed to collect used instruments, repair them and give them to kids in need so that they can participate in orchestra and band programs. The instruments that cannot be fixed find new life and continue to give back in our jewelry.