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The centerpiece of this beautiful necklace is an upcycled violin tuning peg, a vital component of the instrument's perfect pitch. Each peg, carefully polished, carries the echoes of melodies played and musical stories told. As a pendant, it becomes a tangible reminder of the beauty and precision of the musical world.


Necklace Details

This pretty necklace features a tuning peg from a retired violin or viola.  The tuning peg is approximately .88 of an inch wide and 1.13 inches long.  

Viola/ Violin Tuning Peg Necklace

SKU: 150908-BOA
  • We donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale to Band of Angels. Band of Angels is a non-profit program designed to collect used instruments, repair them and give them to kids in need so that they can participate in orchestra and band programs. The instruments that cannot be fixed find new life and continue to give back in our jewelry.

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