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A Few Of Our Favorite Things Gift Guide

It's the time of year when the big box store gifts have been purchased and we're all looking for that special gift that is PERFECT for our friends or family members. In the past few months we have come across some really neat products from small businesses that we'd love to share with you. Descriptions are from left to right.

Sorry Pillow from Stichy Kitchy Coo (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). This company will make custom pillows or you can choose from what she has available in her online store. I love her sense of humour. As a Canadian I find myself apologizing a lot (that's our other National sport) so I had to buy myself a "sorry" pillow. Just putting it right out there. I'm sorry.

Pitbill Pin from Dingy Project (Columbus, Ohio). The pitbull pin is a favorite of mine but they have so many gorgeous (and totally affordable) products. This company is truly unique and the owners were so fun and friendly that they made me want to buy from them and share them with you! An added bonus: part of the proceeds go to helping rescue cats and dogs at local shelters.

Pook Tuque from Pook (Stratford, Ontario, Canada). We have one more great Canadian product. I (Carolyn) visited a friend in Stratford, Ontario in November and discovered Pooks - these products are AMAZING - so fun an cozy (yes those are sock ears). I bought myself a pair of Pook reading socks and maybe a few other gifts for my family. Shhhh.... It's the Pook Tuque that really caught my attention though. The story of this company is as fun as the product.

It's Fine Candle from Whiskey River Soap Company (a secret location near Columbus,Ohio). This very unique company creates very sarcastic candles and soaps. We saw their candles in Peabody Papers in Grandview Heights, Ohio when Kristi was visiting. Later that day we spent a long time scrolling through every product on their website laughing at every single product description. Great news for them but sad news for us: some of their products went viral this Christmas and they are sold out. When they are up and running again in the new year you HAVE to check them out. Laughing is the best medicine.

Ericks Wood-n-Barrel (Ohio) creates art from wine and bourbon bottles. I fell in love with the clocks made from whiskey barrels. He creates great products that change all the time. Who doesn't love unique handmade?

Beer Can Candles from R&R Candles (Columbus, Ohio). Looking for an eco-friendly gift? R&R Candles uses recycled containers like crafty beer cans, pop cans, wine bottles, baby food jars and soup cans along with pure, 100% soy wax and ECO-Series wicks (all cotton). The added bonus is that a percentage of each sale goes monthly to an animal rescue charity!

We haven't forgotten about our amazing Kansas City Maker friends. You can find everything from handcrafted wood wands and beautiful sweater mittens to funky robots and tasty jams from our extremely talented friends. Check them out by visiting the Handmade in Kansas City website.

Happy shopping!

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